Carrier bags in Manchester are going Green!

Compostable carrier bags that double as food waste caddy-liners are the greenest shopping bags that you can buy! Now retailers across Greater Manchester will be able to offer their customers a fantastic dual-use bag called the ‘Green Carrier’ which has the seal of approval from Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Shoppers will get a strong carrier bag and a large food waste caddy-liner for less than the cost most liners sold on a roll. Best of all, based on the current bag levy charge retailers can buy these eco-friendly bags for a low cost and it won’t cost them anything to offer Green Carriers instead of single-use plastic bags.

When will the bags be available?

The plan is to make Green Carriers available in a staged roll out of regional ecommerce sites, one for each of the Greater Manchester regions. Join our mailing list NOW and you’ll be the first to know where retailers can buy the bags through their local website! You can also see a list of the distributor sites here

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Can I get hold of a sample bag now?

Yes, we have a small quantity of samples. To request one please complete this form

Which businesses will offer Green Carriers?

Any business that is open to the public based in Greater Manchester will be able to buy the ‘Greater Manchester’ branded bags from their regional GCS website. We will also have a generic version for shops and businesses located elsewhere and a bespoke print option is available.

Is there any marketing support?

Businessses that sell Green Carriers will get a free window sticker, product support material and a free listing in the Green Business Directory and Map on their regional GCS website.